Leadership Academy


SCAG is in the process of developing a series of trainings that will support elected officials in moving forward a pro-housing development agenda. The trainings will build off a training that PlaceWorks, CalCOG and ILG are developing, with the goal of educating participants on barriers to housing production and best practices in housing advocacy, coalition building and equitable housing development. 

Beyond formal training, the program will include quarterly convenings on major housing policy topics. SCAG anticipates running five simultaneous training programs across the region, to ensure that coalitions are local to each geographic region and thus have the most impact toward supporting housing and housing-supportive land use policies and strategies. By including both elected officials as well as other organizations and stakeholders working in the housing and land use arenas, the Leadership Academy will support the development of pro-housing coalitions. 

For more information about the leadership academy, contact: 

Alisha James 
(213) 236-1884