Regional Data Platform & Local Data Exchange Process

Toolbox Tuesday


In the next Toolbox Tuesday session, join SCAG and Esri for a walkthrough of the newly launched Regional Data Platform and the Local Data Exchange process.

SCAG’s Regional Data Platform is a revolutionary system for collaborative data sharing, analysis, engagement to facilitate better planning at all levels. The platform catalyzes spatial data and technology in the hands of local jurisdictions to enhance robust, transparent, and collaborative community planning. This includes the Local Data Exchange system for supporting authoritative municipal data via a two-way data exchange between SCAG and local jurisdictions.

The Regional Data Platform incorporates publicly available data, applications and tools for planning such as SoCal Atlas and Housing Element Parcel Tool, as well as Esri software licenses and tools for local jurisdictions like ArcGIS Urban and General Plan Update site and survey templates.

As the challenges facing our region grow in complexity, these newly launched resources provide data that facilitates holistic planning to promote a more sustainable future for Southern Californians. Join us for this next Toolbox Tuesday to learn more!


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