Toolbox Tuesday

Data Tools and Research from the Latino Policy and Politics Institute 


Join us for a Toolbox Tuesday session on the Latino Data Hub, developed by UCLA’s Latino Policy and Politics Institute (LPPI). In this session, participants will learn about a new, free data resource that can create customizable data visualizations, highlighting population disparities based on race, ethnicity, citizenship, and gender, among other metrics, and other important issues facing Latinos.   

Jie Zong, manager of the Latino Data Hub, and Mariah Bonilla, community coordinator of the Latino Data Hub, will provide an overview of the Latino Data Hub, including a demonstration of how to use the tool to find and visualize data by detailed race and ethnicity at the county level. In addition, Misael Galdámez, senior research analyst of the Latino Data Hub, will present relevant LPPI research on economic opportunity and social mobility, including Latino-centered planning.  

Visit the Latino Data Hub website to learn more.    

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