Last Mile Freight Program Phase 2 Virtual Listening Session 2

LMFP Public Sector Concepts (Intended for Public Agencies)


To inform the scope of the LMFP Phase 2 needs and call-for-project process, SCAG is engaging public and private sector stakeholders through listening sessions and workshops. These sessions will aim to explore and understand current last mile and e-commerce challenges and solutions, including cutting edge technologies and demonstrations, use cases and operational strategies. The objective for these workshops is to allow private and public entities to provide interest and feedback for the LMFP Phase 2 opportunity.

SCAG will host two virtual listening sessions to share information about Phase 2 of the LMFP. We recommend attendees to only participate in the session that is intended for their audience to maximize focused discussion on key topical areas. A workshop combining both public agencies and private companies is anticipated to occur at a later date to summarize next steps.

Attendees of each session will have the opportunity to get an overview about Phase 2, with the objective of hearing feedback from participants about critical areas within last-mile delivery. Participants of these workshops will also have the opportunity to provide SCAG information about their last-mile delivery operations, current concepts or pilots being considered, current or previous private-public partnerships and ask any additional questions. We encourage attendees to join us to learn more about Phase 2 opportunities, and much more!

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