SoCal G2U Webinar

Promising Strategies to Expand Talent & Diversity in the Public-Sector Workforce


This webinar will present the findings of a new research study on expanding the talent and diversity of the Southern California public-sector workforce, with lessons that may be applied in other regions of the country.


This study seeks to help bridge these gaps by identifying the most promising strategies that public-sector agencies, colleges and universities, and community organizations can pursue to increase the number of talented and underrepresented workers entering into public-sector careers. The study based its findings on analysis of the literature regarding challenges and opportunities, characterization of workforce data, and interviews with students, career services professionals, and representatives of public-sector agencies in Southern California.

A series of short videos have also been prepared that showcase diverse public-sector employees who speak about their careers and pathways through the public sector. The webinar will explain how to access and use these videos to communicate about opportunities in public-sector careers. During the webinar, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the study team.

For more information about this event, please see the Promising Strategies to Expand Talent & Diversity in the Public-Sector Workforce webinar flyer.