Environmental Justice Tools For Local Planning

Toolbox Tuesday


Join us for a Toolbox Tuesday focused on resources to incorporate environmental justice in local planning to meet the state of California’s Senate Bill (SB) 1000 requirements to incorporate environmental justice elements (or a related set of goals, policies and actions) in general plans.

This session will featuring the SB 1000 Equity Toolkit developed by the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) and San Bernardino Council of Governments. Participants will learn about the new toolkit’s free general plan tools, such as interactive maps, data dashboards and model environmental justice policy language. The toolkit’s developers, Mairany Anaya from SBCTA and Juan Reynoso from Raimi + Associates, will provide an overview of the SB 1000 Equity Toolkit and a demonstration of how jurisdictions in San Bernardino County, and beyond, can use the tools.

SCAG will also share the region’s progress toward SB 1000 and additional resources in the Equity Resources for Action Toolkit.

The SB 1000 Equity Toolkit is available online.