Member Services


SCAG maintains an active model and data distribution function for member agencies and other stakeholders. SCAG provides modeling data to support stakeholders’ planning programs and to assist in the development and maintenance of city and subregional models. SCAG provides modeling data services to member agencies, universities, and other public agencies by providing model setups, model input data, and model results.

SCAG’s model and data distribution program is designed to promote model consistency, encourage sharing of model data between agencies, and greatly reduce costs for participating agencies. The use of models and data provided by SCAG helps ensure that local planning assumptions and modeling activities are consistent with SCAG’s models and growth assumptions. This helps to ensure that resulting local plans are consistent with SCAG’s plans and guarantees that local planning input can feed seamlessly into the regional planning process. SCAG provides requestors off-the-shelf information and/or data requiring further assistance for SCAG to process and extract. In addition, for subregional model development and for large regional initiatives, SCAG provides model setups and documentation required for the requestor to setup and conduct modeling analysis.