Earthquake Preparedness Initiative


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The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), in partnership with the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society, has launched a new initiative to help local cities and counties protect Southern California communities and economies from the disruption that a major earthquake would cause. The initiative kicked off with a series of regional seminars, led by Dr. Jones, for local civic leaders. The seminars reviewed the risks of a major regional earthquake and the most effective approaches for preparation, including strengthening infrastructure and reviewing building safety codes. The initiative will continue through 2017, with workshops that will give local leaders the tools necessary for building the resilience that keeps natural disasters from becoming catastrophes.


Preparedness Seminars

October – November 2016


Seminar Flyer
Seminar Agenda
Seminar Presentation
Major Water Conveyance & Earthquake Faults in the SCAG Region
Understanding Problem Buildings
Seismic Self-Evaluation for City Officials: The Basics

Region-Specific Simulations

The Northridge Earthquake
This virtual exhibit shows 3D animations of 16 potential earthquakes comparable to the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Each 3D animation shows the faults of Southern California, highlights the source fault for each potential earthquake, shows the ShakeMap of expected shaking levels, and then overlays the likely casualties and economic losses that may result.

Southern California Shakeout
This simulation is based on a magnitude 7.8 scenario earthquake on the San Andreas fault in Southern California. It demonstrates the severity of ground shaking and shows seismic waves radiating outward from the fault as the rupture propagates towards the northwest.