Southern California Regional Climate Adaptation Framework – Part 2

Toolbox Tuesday


Communities across the Southern California region continue to experience and prepare for the devastating impacts of climate change, whether it be increasingly frequent and damaging wildfires, abrupt and severe rain events, or worsening health impacts due to increasing extreme heat days. With local jurisdictions playing a critical role in adaptation planning and building climate resilience in their communities, SCAG has expanded the Southern California Regional Adaptation Framework to support city and county efforts to meet Senate Bill (SB) 379 requirements to incorporate climate adaptation and resilience into the general plan safety element.

Join us for a two-hour training on the new resources of the Southern California Regional Climate Adaptation Framework, such as the SB 379 Guidebook and new climate mapping resources. The training will include presentations from local jurisdictions across the region, showcasing different ways of incorporating climate adaptation strategies into local planning to meet the requirements of SB 379.