Understanding SCAG’s Curbside Management Strategy



In recent years, the curb space has become a battle ground between traditional uses, such as parking, goods delivery, transit, and bike lanes, and new users, such as rideshare, micromobility, and e-commerce. To address these evolving needs, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) conducted a Curb Space Management Study (CSMS) to analyze curb space segments of some of the congested and complicated curb space within the region.

Arcadis IBI Group lead this important study as part of a wider team of industry experts. Their digital curbside management solution, CurbIQ, was used to visualize the digital curb inventory data of the 12 pilot areas.

Discussion Topics:

  • Creating a plan for cities to transform their curb space
  • Coordinating a curbside management strategy with other goals, such as sustainability and innovation
  • Digital curb management best practices