Get Started with the SPM


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Access to the SPM is restricted to authorized users from local jurisdictions in the SCAG region. Only users with authorities to review/edit/comment on growth scenarios will be given log-in access to the SPM. If you’re not sure whether you’re an authorized user, contact your local jurisdiction to find out.


System Requirement

The SPM is accessed via a web page. While ultimately any web browsers will be able to access the system effectively, the current version is best accessed via Google Chrome web browser. Chrome is available via free download here. In addition, there are some more refined requirements:

  • A relatively recent desktop or laptop computer running the Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux operating systems. The current system has not been optimized for tablet or touchscreen operating systems or interfaces.

  • Mouse, track-ball, or trackpad-based input devise. The current system will not currently work well with tablet or other touchscreen devices.


SPM User Interface Overview

Data Management site’s major components include:
SPM User Interface Infographic

Scenario Development and Analysis site’s major components include:
SPM User Interface Infographic