Hon. Tim Sandoval

RC District #38, San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

Tim Sandoval

Cities:  Pomona, Claremont, La Verne, San Dimas
Phone: (909) 620-2051

Tim Sandoval moved to Pomona when he was just nine years old. Even as a child, he knew that a community as richly diverse as Pomona was capable of amazing things. As Pomona High’s class speaker, he defended the character of the school and the surrounding community in an impassioned year-end speech. He attended Montvue Elementary, Emerson Middle School, and Pomona High School before finishing his education at University of California, Riverside.

After graduating, Tim returned to Pomona to help others in our community to access college as well. He led Pomona Valley Community Development Center’s youth programs, and then taught English at a nearby school. In 2001, Tim became a founding member of Bright Prospect, a mentoring organization that has helped more than two thousand low-income youth become part of the first generation of their family to complete their Bachelor’s degrees. Many of these youth come to share Tim’s passion for Pomona, returning after college to give back to the community.

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Hon. José Luis Solache

RC District #26, Gateway Cities Council of Governments

Jose Luis Solache

Cities: Lynwood, Compton
Phone: (310) 603-0220

Jose Luis Solache

Chair, Legislative / Communications & Membership Committee

José Luis Solache was elected to the Lynwood City Council in 2013. His commitment to improving the Lynwood community is demonstrated through his hard work and dedication. His aptitude for leadership and predisposition for genuine, sincere service are the characteristics that shape who he is – a public servant committed to improve the lives of the children and people in the community.

Prior to serving on City Council, Solache was elected to the Lynwood Board of Education in Nov. 2003, making history as the youngest Latino board member of Lynwood Unified School District. He was re-elected in 2007 and in 2011, serving as Vice President for the board during his third term in office. The Board of Education represents over 15,000 students, over 600 teachers, and over 750 service employees. He has also served as Board President three times, each lasting a year. As an alumnus of the Lynwood K-12 educational system, Solache’s first-hand experience allows him to identify the district needs and participate in the process of providing a quality education that prepares students for college and career. In 2013, he ran for Lynwood City Council and was elected.

Solache graduated from California State University – Dominguez Hills with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an option in Spanish. Solache has been a leader in public service since an early age. While completing his degree at CSU Dominguez Hills, he served as Student Body President for two terms, followed by winning a statewide election to chair the largest student-run organization – the California State Student Association (CSSA). As chairman of CSSA, he served and protected access and affordability to a quality public higher education for the under-served communities in California. Solache is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts degree at the University of Southern California, while also serving as the Director of Community and Government Relations for a local non-profit organization.