Civic Engagement, Equity & Environmental Justice


The fourth Sustainable Communities Program Call for Applications is anticipated to be released in Fall 2022, with a focus on Civic Engagement, Equity, and Environmental Justice. Due to the availability of new funding sources for this program, the guidelines for Call 4 are still in development.

To learn more about this upcoming Call for Applications, you can review the presentation and recordings of the two Information Sessions SCAG held in June 2022 or the two Listening Sessions SCAG held in July 2021, linked below.

June 2022

July 2021

SCAG compiled questions from both Listening Sessions and Information Sessions to provide preliminary responses. Guidelines for Call 4 are still in development and responses are subject to change. The Q&A Summary is available in English here and can readily be translated to Spanish:

SCAG is looking to shape proposed project types for this Call for Applications, including civic engagement plans across multiple categories and planning for equity and environmental justice.

To support the implementation of SCAG’s Racial Equity Early Action Plan, SCAG is seeking to prioritize proposals that fall within or directly benefit Communities of Concern and SB 535 Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) for this Call. For more information on these areas, please see SCAG’s Environmental Justice Tool.

Call for Applications Goals and Objectives


  • Center and prioritize racial and social equity with technical assistance for local community-led engagement plans carried out by community-based organizations (CBOs).
  • Address the pervasive and deep inequities experienced in historically disinvested communities and communities of color.
  • Include a wide range of eligible activities including land-use and transportation planning activities included in SCAG’s Environmental Justice Toolbox.
  • Support the development of racial equity and community engagement plans, plans to address the digital divide, and efforts to promote health and equity to close the gap of racial inequities.
  • Support the goals in SCAG’s Equity Early Action Plan, Connect SoCal, SCAG’s Public Participation Plan.


  • Support local planning efforts, strategically invest, and provide technical assistance for projects and programs in SCAG’s Communities of Concern, and SB 535 Disadvantaged Communities (DACs).
  • Support local planning efforts focused on eliminating barriers to civic engagement for communities that have experienced historic disinvestment.
  • Build community capacity, trust, and sustainable relationships with stakeholders in communities of color, including Environmental Justice areas, Communities of Concern, and DACs to strategically invest in local community-centered initiatives.
  • Prioritize community identified and implemented projects.


For questions regarding the Civic Engagement, Equity & Environmental Justice Call for Applications, contact Anita Au at (213) 236-1874 or