Industrial Warehousing Study


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The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) region is home to approximately 34,000 warehouses with 1.17 billion square feet of warehouse building space, and undeveloped land that could accommodate an additional 338 million square feet of new warehouse building space. The Industrial Warehousing Study is an update from previous work, which evaluates how the region could accommodate future demand for warehouse space based on key supply chain trends. Study findings were used to formulate discussion points, which will engage policy-makers, logistics industry stakeholders, and public-sector agencies about how best to shape the region’s strategic vision and grow, while balancing economic and environmental objectives.

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Final Industrial Warehousing Report – Full Study


TASK 2 – Inventory of Warehouse Facilities
TASK 3 – Assessment of Supply Chain Strategies and Implications for Future Development
TASK 3.2 – Freight Stakeholder Interview Report
TASK 4 – Understanding Facility Operations
TASK 5 – Developing a Policy Evaluation and Framework and Assessing the Implications