SoCal Greenprint Proposed Data Layer List

Learn about the proposed data layer list.


Proposed Data Layer List

Once developed, the SoCal Greenprint be an online mapping tool to help stakeholders prioritize lands for growth and conservation based on the best available scientific data. The SoCal Greenprint will compile more than one hundred existing data sources into interactive maps that help stakeholders visualize how to better integrate nature into future growth and development. The Greenprint is not a “plan,” nor is it intended to produce any new data; rather it will aggregate data from existing public sources to support local jurisdictions, transportation agencies, developers, non-profits and other stakeholders in advancing the policies adopted in Connect SoCal.

SoCal Greenprint Proposed Data Layer List

The SoCal Greenprint is being developed with five user groups in mind who are shaping the future of the region: developers, local planners, infrastructure agencies, community-based organizations, and conservation professionals. One of the project goals is to make it simpler for intended users to easily access information about natural resources so that planning and mitigation measures can be identified early, saving project costs, expediting timelines, and making it possible to proactively address issues that can help avoid risk to projects.

Data and Stakeholder Outreach

This data listing currently provides background information on the proposed individual data layers that draw from diverse sources, including public agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, amongst others. Data is divided into six themes: Agricultural & Working Lands; Built Environment; Vulnerabilities & Resilience; Environmental Justice, Equity & Inclusion; Habitat & Biodiversity; and Water Resources.

The six themes and datasets were developed with robust stakeholder engagement to ensure that the tool is crafted to address the information needs of developers, local planners, infrastructure agencies, community-based organizations, and conservation professionals. The SoCal Greenprint team has conducted regular engagements with over sixty advisors from these key user groups and other stakeholders through meetings with the project’s Steering, Advisory, and Scientific committees, and have also completed interviews with 35 partners. Further, “Rapid Assessment” sessions have been conducted with a diverse array of organizations to identify their priorities and walk individual stakeholders through potential data outputs for inclusion in the SoCal Greenprint.

Feedback Opportunity

SCAG has posted this data list for further review from members of SCAG’s Technical Working Group and other stakeholders. Please note that the list previously posted included correct URLs with some inoperable hyperlinks. Those hyperlinks have been repaired. In the next two months, SCAG will be hosting further engagements with opportunities for stakeholders to share feedback, including a public hearing tentatively set for late August and an Advisory Committee Meeting in September. Finally, feedback will be shared with SCAG’s Regional Council in October 2021.

In addition to these engagement opportunities, SCAG is inviting stakeholders to provide direct feedback on data layers and preferred methods of future engagement through this survey.

We kindly ask that you complete the survey by Friday, August 13, 2021.

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