Go Active Wildomar: Implementing Go Human’s Resilient Streets Toolkit


On March 12-14, the City of Wildomar, with Go Human, demonstrated walking, biking, and rolling improvements at City Hall. Over 100 residents explored street treatments intended to make active transportation safer and more enjoyable throughout the city. Staff at Go Active Wildomar collected feedback on potential bicycle and pedestrian improvements under consideration as part of the Wildomar Mobility Plan.    

The surveys collected at Go Active Wildomar showed support for the featured walking and biking improvements, such as bike lanes, artistic crosswalks, curb extensions, and parklets. 

The City of Wildomar will use the community feedback to finalize the Wildomar Mobility Plan, determine community transportation needs, and prioritize permanent infrastructure improvements. 


Here’s a snapshot of the feedback:  

  • 87% support the separated bikeway 
  • 87% support the bulb-outs/curb extensions 
  • 86% support the bicycle lane 
  • 85% support the pedestrian refuge island 
  • 78% support the parklet 
  • 71% would consider commuting by bike to destinations in Wildomar if improvements were built today 

The demonstration at Go Active Wildomar utilized the Go Human Kit of Parts, a resource that SCAG offers at no cost for jurisdictions to temporarily showcase traffic safety improvements. The Kit of Parts is one tool within Go Human’s Resilient Streets Toolkit. The toolkit identifies different strategies to demonstrate various types of street treatments promoting bike and pedestrian safety. Centering community engagement and co-creation, the Toolkit promotes the use of street space for community resiliency, recovery, and resource delivery in a way that prioritizes vulnerable communities. This resource can help generate ideas and support for street-level activations and adaptations that meet the evolving needs of neighborhoods and communities. 

As you continue to reimagine the possibilities for your streets and explore new ways to expand traffic safety in your city, please visit the Go Human resources page and let us know how we can partner to achieve your safety goals. Sign up for our newsletter and follow the Go Human campaign on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to receive the latest details about upcoming events, campaigns, and opportunities. For questions or to request resources, please reach out to Andrés Carrasquillo at carrasquillo@scag.ca.gov