Curious how communities can temporarily redesign streets and advocate for safety improvements? Go Human’s Activations Playbook simplifies this process in 5 steps, using materials from the Go Human Kit of Parts Lending Library.

SCAG’s Go Human Kit of Parts Lending Library provides pop-up materials to temporarily demonstrate potential and planned street design improvements and safety infrastructure, including parklets, curb extensions (bulb – outs), median refuge islands, artistic crosswalks, and separated bike lanes. By showcasing these different improvements, community members get to experience and test out more complete streets that are re-designed for safety in live traffic settings.

The Playbook serves as a step-by-step guide to implement temporary, pop-up improvements using the Kit of Parts. Dive into the 5-step checklist below!

Kit of Parts Playbook

Step One: Get Started

The Playbook serves as a comprehensive guide, beginning with project ideation. Pick your starting point! Depending on where a project team is in the activation planning process, plug into this Playbook at any step. From establishing a project team to setting project goals, the Playbook details timeframes, strategies, and required documents that will set up a project for success.

Step Two: Map Out Goals, Kit Logistics & Site Plan

The Playbook provides guidance for partners and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to co-develop goals and identify strategic, impactful demonstrations to showcase. The Playbook highlights considerations for the project area, including a step-by-step process to reserve the Kit of Parts and support site plan development.

Step Three: Promote & Advertise the Pop-Up Activation

Reach out to community members with invitations to collaborate and participate. Outreach to community members regarding the Go Human Activation is critical to cultivating engagement. Develop communication strategies and promotional materials to assist in producing successful advertisements.

Step Four:  Prep, Prep, Prep

Develop an event plan guide and evaluation plan. The Playbook includes templates and worksheets to ensure the success of the event, from planning to evaluation. An Event Plan outlines a schedule of events, along with the resources, staffing and materials needed to complete each goal.


Step Five: Plan for the Day of the Event

Conduct a final check of all aspects of event preparations to ensure a successful event. Develop a final report to reflect on the evaluation outcomes, successes and lessons learned from the event, which can be included in grant applications, press releases, webpages, newsletters, and more. The Playbook includes a Day-Of organizing sheet and templates to showcase event successes. The Playbook also includes helpful tips, appendices, and fillable worksheets that supplement each step of the process.

The Kit of Parts Lending Library is a traffic safety resource available year-round to jurisdictions and community-based organizations in the SCAG region, available at no cost. For more information on how to borrow activation materials, please reach out to