Economic Strategy


Jobs and Southern California’s economic recovery are the impetus for local leaders to come together with business and labor leaders in the development of the below draft Southern California Economic Recovery & Job Creation Strategy. The Strategy addresses the issues that must be solved for our region’s economy to create jobs and energize economic activity today, in the next five years, and over the long term. The approach aims to maximize local control and regional coordination.


Economic Recovery & Job Creation Strategy

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With input from member cities and counties, public and private sector leaders, labor leaders, SCAG’s team of independent economic advisors consolidated the information from individual county reports to prepare the Southern California Economic Recovery & Job Creation Strategy, which included a common set of regional priorities that help businesses, public agencies, and communities improve their economic viability with immediate and long-term recommendations.


Legislation & Policy Initiatives

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As part of a broader legislative platform, SCAG’s efforts in economic recovery and job creation are founded on policies and initiatives adopted by the Regional Council that need the leadership and support of the California State Legislature and Congress to resolve challenges facing the SCAG region. SCAG has retained and collaborated with leading business and economic experts to interview business leaders, understand the challenges to expanding business and growing jobs in the region, and seek input on which of the myriad of challenges are common economic impediments across the region to job growth and investment in local communities.