City of Placentia/County of Orange Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD)

Funding and Financing Tools and Strategy

City of Placentia EIFDThe Placentia EIFD will fund transit-supportive and housing-supportive infrastructure in the communities directly to the north and south of the upcoming Placentia Metrolink Station, which will serve communities along State Route 91 – one of the busiest and most congest transportation corridors in Southern California. Specific improvements will include street upgrades, lighting infrastructure, pedestrian connectivity, as well as sewer and water infrastructure enhancements to increase housing capacity, as well as upgrades to the landscape. These investments are estimated to cost around $8 million, and will support an additional 1,600 housing units, 3,900 construction jobs, 1,150 permanent jobs that can help generate $800 million in economic output from construction activities, and $164 million in annual ongoing economic output.

To reach district formation, the process was initiated when the City of Placentia approved a Resolution of Intent on February 19, 2019 supporting the establishment of an EIFD in the areas surrounding the upcoming station, including the Old Town Placentia Area as well as the Transit Oriented Development Packing House District. The Orange County Board of Supervisors evaluated and supported a similar resolution on April 23, 2019. The City of Placentia / County of Orange EIFD was then established in September 2019 and became the first city/county EIFD partnership in California, when the District’s Public Financing Authority (PFA) officially approved its Infrastructure Financing Plan (IFP). The Placentia EIFD is one of SCAG’s Pilot TIF projects. Visually explore the Placentia EIFD through the City of Placentia EIFD Story Map.

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