2021 Federal Transportation Improvement Program Adopted


The Regional Council voted last week to approve the 2021 Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP), which contains approximately 2,000 projects in the SCAG region, programmed at $35.3 billion over the next six years. The FTIP is an important document for the region, allowing project sponsors to move forward with state and federal environmental review or project funding allocation/obligation. The program also reflects how the region is moving forward in implementing the policies and goals of Connect SoCal.

The 2021 FTIP was developed through a bottom-up process by which county transportation commissions presented projects for inclusion, including highway improvements, transit, rail and bus facilities, high occupancy vehicle and toll lanes, and non–motorized projects. These projects will benefit the region and the local economy with 104,000 direct jobs created each year over the six-year period.

For more information and to view the 2021 FTIP, visit scag.ca.gov/2021-ftip.