Go Human Community Oral Histories


In response to rising and unacceptable rates of traffic collisions in the region, SCAG’s Go Human campaign promotes the safety of people walking and biking via community engagement, communications, storytelling and direct resource investment. In other words, Go Human actively offers a variety of resources and tools to make communities across Southern California safer for people walking, biking and rolling.  

As part of its traffic safety storytelling efforts, Go Human collaborated with six community-based organizations and leaders to develop a series of Community Oral History videos that center local narratives and promote transportation safety and mobility justice. Rooted in personal narratives, the videos explore how people in their communities are working to make streets safer and more accessible for everyone. 

The organizations and leaders highlighted in these videos work to advance traffic safety, mobility justice and access for those most impacted by traffic violence throughout Southern California. The Oral History Video project shares diverse approaches to addressing traffic safety and creates avenues for awareness of and collaboration with organizations leading the work. Learn more about these efforts by watching the Oral Histories videos below.  

Bicycle Tree 

Bicycle Tree offers low-cost, high-quality bikes and affordable bike repair service to improve access to reliable, affordable bicycles throughout Orange County. The Bicycle Tree responds to the role of bicycling as a primary mode of transportation for many residents by removing barriers to access. Visit The Bicycle Tree online to learn more and connect with their work.  

Bike Ventura County (BikeVC) 

Bike Ventura County (BikeVC) empowers youth to learn self-reliance by learning to maintain their bikes on their own. BikeVC also provides opportunities for students to gain customer service skills by working in the shop. In addition to providing access to bikes, parts and repair facilities, BikeVC teaches youth and adults how to cycle safely by hosting community events and bike rides. Visit BikeVC online to learn more about and get involved.  

Los Amigos de la Comunidad 

Los Amigos de la Comunidad increases access for underserved communities throughout the Imperial Valley. They build trust and form meaningful connections with some of the most vulnerable and impacted communities in the area. Government officials often underestimate the barriers to access these communities face, from lack of internet access and tech skills to lack of basic literacy. Los Amigos de la Comunidad educates community members on how to navigate systems that many of us take for granted while helping government agencies understand how better to connect with and serve these communities. Visit Los Amigos de la Comunidad online to learn more and get involved.  

People’s Collective for Environmental Justice (PC4EJ) 

People’s Collective for Environmental Justice (PC4EJ) works to fight for environmental justice and challenges the cultural and systemic roots of white supremacy throughout San Bernardino County. PC4EJ received a Go Human traffic safety mini grant from SCAG for the project “Bloomington Path for All” in 2022, which developed a community committee dedicated to reducing traffic harm through participatory traffic, safety, and health audits. These audits identified and documented traffic safety concerns in Bloomingdale, publishing them for the public and decision makers. Visit PC4EJ online to learn more and get involved.  

The Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) 

The Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) empowers young people in career development. Their project, “YLI Youth-Led Safety and Walkability Assessment,” conducts youth-led research highlighting safety concerns for young people who walk, bike or ride e-scooters in the Eastern Coachella Valley. With storytelling as a primary tool, YLI teaches young people to collect and analyze data, interview people and craft narratives to effectively communicate their concerns to those in power. Visit YLI online to learn more and get involved.  

Jose Richard Aviles 

Jose Richard Aviles (they/them) is an urban planner, activist and artist in Los Angeles who is paving the way for a cultural shift in mobility justice. Aviles focuses on enhancing mobility and access by centering the voice of community members in conversations about urban planning. Aviles also pioneers the use of art to imagine new possibilities for the built world and how people can move through it safely and equitably. Visit the Side Street Projects website to learn more about Aviles’s work and get involved.