SCAG Receives Funds From FCC To Help Bridge The Digital Divide


On Friday, March 10 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced $66 million in outreach grants to fund projects to expand participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).  SCAG will be awarded $500,000 of the ACP Outreach Grant Program funds to utilize in helping bridge the digital divide through implementing innovative strategies to reach historically underserved and unserved communities across jurisdictions. This grant is aligned with SCAG’s resolution to assist in helping close the gap in digital equity.  

In August 2022, the FCC adopted an order establishing the ACP Outreach Grant Program to facilitate the awareness of, and participation in the ACP among eligible households. The ACP provides eligible governmental and non-governmental entities with the funding and resources needed to reach households most in need of affordable connectivity. In support of the ACP Outreach Program, the FCC has identified three key objectives: 

  • Expand and support diverse and impactful outreach efforts nationwide. 
  • Strengthen outreach partners nationwide by empowering them to mobilize people and organizations to help raise awareness about the ACP. 
  • Increase ACP enrollment as a result of ACP Outreach Grant Program funded activities. 

With these expanded efforts to promote the ACP, the FCC is also working on enhancements to the online consumer application system. These improvements will make the application and enrollment process easier and incorporate feedback from stakeholders. SCAG will be working with the state, local jurisdictions and stakeholders to boost ACP adoption across the region.

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