SCAG Region Receives Regional Determination of 1.3 Million Housing Units


Yesterday, the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) transmitted the final Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Determination​ of 1,344,740 total units for the six-county SCAG region. This number reflects the number of housing units the region must plan for in the October 2021 – October 2029 planning period.

Specifically, the regional determination was comprised of the following four income categories:

Income Category Percent Housing Unit Need
Very-Low* 26.1% 350,998
Low 15.3% 206,338
Moderate 16.7% 225,152
Above-Moderate 41.8% 562,252
Total 100.0% 1,344,740

What’s Next: Per state statute, SCAG has 30 days after receipt of the final RHNA determination to either accept the number or file an objection if the basis is consistent with state housing law. Staff is currently in the process of evaluating the final regional determination figure and the accompanying factors and methodology utilized by HCD to reach its final determination and will provide a recommendation. The analysis, and staff’s recommendation, will be presented and discussed at the Sept. 5 Community, Economic and Human Development Committee and Regional Council meetings.

How This Will Affect Local Jurisdictions: As part of the RHNA process, SCAG must determine how the regional determination figure will be allocated or distributed to local jurisdictions across the region – referred to as the RHNA Allocation Methodology. Local jurisdictions are then required to plan for the inclusion of these new housing units in their local Housing Elements.

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