SCAG Study on Curb Space Management  


With a rise in vehicle ownership, rideshare companies, deliveries and more, over-congested curb space is becoming more common across the Southern California region. In response, SCAG launched the Curb Space Management Study in June 2022.  

The study takes a comprehensive and multimodal approach to reviewing some of the most overburdened curb space locations within the SCAG region and serves as a blueprint for local jurisdictions to transform the curb space in their cities to reduce vehicle miles traveled and promote a balanced transportation system to improve overall quality of life. 

SCAG staff is hosting a Toolbox Tuesday on Jan. 17, 1 – 2:30 p.m., to walk attendees through the findings of the Curb Space Management Study and how to utilize it to improve the curb space in their jurisdictions. You can register for the session here.  

For more information on the study, visit: