Transit Ridership Update

SCAG Publishes Quarterly Ridership Update and Regional Dedicated Transit Lanes Study


The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) continues to expand its availability of critical data for our region with the release of its quarterly Transit Ridership Update. The latest report, which was presented to SCAG’s Regional Council today, includes:

  • Year-over-year bus ridership data for every bus transit system in the 6-county SCAG region
  • Monthly county-by-county bus ridership data compared to pre-pandemic levels
  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus and rail ridership trends – year-over-year and compared to pre-pandemic levels
  • A link to the American Public Transportation Association Ridership Trends Dashboard

Also presented at SCAG’s Regional Council today was SCAG’s Regional Dedicated Transit Lanes Study, which ranks 73 transit corridors as part of a regional transit priority network.