Year in Review and 2023-24 President’s Report Now Available


2023-24 Regional Council President Art Brown closed out his term at the 2024 Regional Conference and General Assembly by sharing the “2023-24 President’s Report,” a detailed report of SCAG’s accomplishments since the beginning of his term at last year’s General Assembly in May 2023. SCAG also debuted the 2023-24 Year in Review video, highlighting SCAG’s most significant accomplishments over the same period and celebrating the leadership and collaboration that made it possible.  


President Brown prioritized the completion of the Connect SoCal 2024 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy as the Regional Council’s top goal for the year—a historic accomplishment formalized by the Regional Council’s adoption of the plan in April. President Brown also set priorities for the Regional Council and SCAG staff to research and collaborate on transit recovery, clean technology and goods movement throughout the year. The “2023-24 President’s Report” provides a comprehensive overview of SCAG’s numerous activities and accomplishments over the past year, focusing on Connect SoCal 2024, resources and tools, advocacy, and awards. 

The Year in Review video features SCAG Regional Council members and staff making the case for the impact and importance of SCAG’s work while also setting the stage for next year’s goals and ambitions. 

Watch the Year in Review video or read the full “2023-24 President’s Report” to see how SCAG accomplished President Brown’s goals for the agency while working toward a brighter future for Southern California.