Ready for 2020


In order to create a plan for the future, Connect SoCal projects growth in employment, population, and households at the regional, county, city, town and neighborhood levels. These projections take into account economic and demographic trends, as well as feedback reflecting on-the-ground conditions from SCAG’s jurisdictions. Similar to what’s happening at a national level, the population growth rate has slowed and an increasing share of Baby Boomers are retiring. At the same time, California is in the midst of a long-term structural housing shortage and affordability crisis. As our communities continue to expand, vital habitat lands face severe development pressure.

As this region continues to grow in age and population, in an environment already experiencing significant challenges, it is crucial that land use and transportation strategies are integrated to achieve regional goals. Connect SoCal identifies a number of land use and transportation strategies that will provide residents more choices in how they can reach their destinations reliably and reduce congestion on roadways in our region through 2045 and beyond.