CEHD and Regional Council Approve RHNA Reform Recommendations


In September, the Regional Council approved the release of SCAG’s recommendations on the reformation of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) process. These recommendations will be provided to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in a formal letter to be included in a report of recommendations to the California State Legislature.

On Aug. 16, SCAG staff presented a total of thirteen recommendations at a special meeting of the Community, Economic and Human Development (CEHD) committee, with changes to the regional determination, methodology and appeals processes. The committee acted to recommend the draft recommendations be moved to the Regional Council for further action.

Some recommendations will also require legislation to implement changes while others will be evaluated as part of the 7th RHNA cycle. The Legislative/Communications & Membership Committee will now use the recommendations to prepare multiple proposals for potential SCAG-sponsored bills and to advocate for bills containing high-priority RHNA reform concepts. SCAG will continue to monitor and report on HCD’s process and explore ways to implement the approved recommendations.

As part of its statewide RHNA reform effort, HCD is soliciting comments until Sept. 15. For more information on SCAG’s RHNA program, visit scag.ca.gov/rhna.