Curb Space Management Study


Curb Space Management Study

The primary purpose of the Curb Space Management Study (CSMS) has been to take a comprehensive and multimodal review of congested and complicated curb space locations within the SCAG region. With a need for improved mobility, reduced congestion and vehicle miles travelled (VMT)/vehicle hours travelled (VHT), and air quality benefits such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and now COVID-related impacts being critical to the region and its localities, a clear need exists to assess policies, strategies, and infrastructure investments, and their impacts on curb space activity.

The CSMS was a regional level collaborative effort divided into three parts:

  • Engagement: Outreach, participation and engagement with local jurisdictions, other agencies, education institutes, private stakeholders, community-based organizations, and communities;
  • Assessment: Understanding the needs of the region through multiple cities in terms of curb space; and
  • Policy & Strategies Consideration: Provide regional resources to support member agency curb space management interests/needs and insights on strategies related to curb space management.

The study provides SCAG and its member cities with all the tools and direction needed to implement a successful curbside management program in form of a toolkit. To further guide decision-makers, a workplan template and accompanying step-by-step guidance was developed to help any city in the Region design, implement, and evaluate a curb space pilot.

Download the Curb Space Management Study report.