Decision Making Tools


REAP 2.0 supports expansion of SCAG’s Decision-Making Tools and Technical Assistance, building on the success of the Regional Data Platform to offer added resources to support local planning and opportunities to access big data for planning and performance monitoring related to program objectives. SCAG’s RDP provides data and planning templates and tools to help local jurisdictions update and align various elements of their general plans to advance sustainable planning at the local and regional level, and to meet their 6th Cycle RHNA goals. SCAG seeks to partner with subregional agencies and other partners to expand support and training for local jurisdictions to use the RDP as well as provide additional features and functions to help further.  

Upcoming New Data Tools 

  • Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Active Transportation Planning Toolkit 
  • Regional Performance Measurements Dashboard   
  • Transportation Safety Dashboard 
  • Big Data  
  • A centralized hub for local jurisdictions to request information, technical assistance, and training  

To learn more please email: 
Alisha James 
Community Engagement Specialist