Express Lanes


A system of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes has been an integral part of the California freeway system for the past 30 years and express lanes have been an innovation that have been implemented in the past 15 years. Currently, neither the Regional ITS Architecture nor most of the county architectures address HOV lane management and/or electronic toll collection – the foundation of express lane operations.

Express lanes have been regarded as a localized service with projects deployed within individual counties in Orange and upcoming in Los Angeles and Riverside. The success of the 91 Express Lanes is paving the way for more projects throughout the state and across the country. The movement toward more express lanes – both from the perspective of being interconnected and crossing county boundaries in the near future makes this a critical, multi-county issue

To learn more about express lane services in the region, view the information in the Express Lane Regional ITS Elements and Recommended Express Lane Subregional ITS Architecture Elements documents.