Logistics & Warehousing in Southern California Whitepaper


Logistics & Warehousing in Southern California WhitepaperThe growth and evolution of industrial facilities supporting distribution and consumption is increasingly impacting the SCAG region’s growth and changes in its urban and suburban environments. The primary purpose of this whitepaper is to identify why a regional systems-based approach to industrial development is necessary and to guide the SCAG region toward a regional systems-based approach. A regional approach to industrial development requires acknowledgment and understanding of the needs of local communities, especially those impacted by industrial activities, while also recognizing the economic benefits and local, regional, state, and national nature of how supply chains are organized and operated. 

The whitepaper’s key areas of focus and highlights include interdependency relationships, e-commerce and digital shifts, supply chain considerations, and trucking and industrial development challenges. The whitepaper concludes with recommendations for how SCAG can lead in facilitating greater regional collaboration and providing tools and resources to support local jurisdictions. 

Download the Logistics & Warehousing in Southern California Whitepaper.