System Engineering Process


The Systems Engineering process is a type of project planning process used for ITS projects. This process is required for major federally-funded ITS projects. The Systems Engineering Guidebook for ITS, co-sponsored by FHWA and Caltrans, is one resource for the Systems Engineering process. The following table outlines the basic System Engineering Process phases and how the Southern California Regional ITS Architecture can provide resources in each phase.



Phase -1: Interfacing with Planning and the Regional Architecture

Regional Description, ITS Inventory

Phase 0: Concept Exploration and Benefits Analysis

Regional Stakeholders, ITS Needs

Phase 1: Project Planning and Concept of Operations Development (includes Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP))

Regional Stakeholders, Operational Concepts

Phase 2: System Definition and Design

Functional Requirements, Required Standards, Information Flows and Interface Requirements

Phase 3: System Development and Implementation

Project Sequencing, Regional Stakeholders, Agency Agreements

Phase 4: Validation, Operation & Maintenance, Changes & Upgrades

Regional Stakeholders, Agency Agreements, Architecture Maintenance

Phase 5: System Retirement/Replacement

Not Available in Regional ITS Architecture