Updates on Connect SoCal 2024 & Stakeholder Engagement


This month, SCAG’s joint policy committee recommended the draft Connect SoCal 2024 Plan to the Regional Council for approval to release for circulation in November. The committee heard a presentation previewing the contents of the Plan, which showcased key policies and strategies to be included in the draft Plan to address existing and emerging challenges facing the region. The presentation also showed how the Plan is based on the best available information, and rooted in local planning and policy actions.

In anticipation of the draft Plan release, SCAG staff continue to engage key stakeholders and provide standing updates at SCAG’s policy committees and working groups. Further discussions, along with other necessary engagement and consultation with tribal governments, elected official briefings and public hearings, will occur during the public review period.

Following the public review and comment period, including a concurrent review and comment period for the program environmental impact report, we anticipate seeking approval for the adoption of a final Connect SoCal in April 2024. For the latest details on Connect SoCal 2024 development, visit connectsocal.org.