Employee Compensation

Summary of Benefits

  • $9,600 annually for medical costs
  • Dental insurance premiums for employees and dependents, provided by SCAG
  • Vision insurance premiums for employee and dependents, provided by SCAG
  • 2% at 62 CalPERS retirement
  • 457 plan, matching contribution for management
  • No Social Security
  • $50,000 life insurance for employees
  • $100,000 life insurance for supervisors
  • $150,000 life insurance for managers
  • Short and long term disability
  • 2% -10% annual merit increase, no cost of living increases
  • Professional membership reimbursement of $300 annually
  • Transit reimbursement – up to $230 monthly
  • Tuition reimbursement $5,472 annually for eligible employees
  • Auto allowance for some executive managers

Download the Employee Salary Schedule

Regional Council Compensation

Summary of Regional Council Stipend and Travel Reimbursement Policy

  • Regional Council members receive a $120 per diem stipend for attendance at SCAG-sponsored meetings or events, for a maximum of six (6) per diem stipends per month*. The SCAG President is authorized to approve two additional per diem stipends per month. Nine (9) or more per diem stipends per month require full RC approval.
  • Regional Council members are eligible to be reimbursed for mileage (at the prevailing federal reimbursement rate) or public transit expenses for attendance at SCAG-sponsored meetings or events. SCAG provides validation for parking.
  • Regional Council members do not receive medical, dental, life or pension benefits from SCAG.

*The maximum for Regional Council Officers is eight (8) per diem stipends per month.

Reimbursement Form for travel after 1/1/23.