SCAG Regional Council Adopts Resolution to Close the Gap of Racial Injustice, Will Provide $1 Million to Promote Equitable Economic and Housing Strategies

Press Release

The Regional Council of Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) adopted a resolution Thursday to meaningfully advance justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and work in partnership with others to close the gap of racial injustice.

In a parallel move, the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization approved a partnership with the California Community Foundation and other nonprofits, and will provide $1 million in funding to promote community-driven equitable economic and housing strategies throughout the six-county region.

“SCAG stands in solidarity with those working toward a fair and just society, and with those calling for systemic change to eliminate all barriers that reduce opportunity and undermine Southern California’s shared values and ability to thrive,” the resolution states.

Approved overwhelmingly by the Regional Council, the measure creates an ad hoc Special Committee “to further develop SCAG’s response to advancing social justice throughout the agency’s activities.”

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