SCAG Warns Proposed Budget Cuts Would Have ‘Devastating Impact’ On Cities, Counties In Addressing The Housing Crisis

Press Release

Kome Ajise, Executive Director of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), released the following statement regarding proposed budget cuts to the Regional Early Action Planning Grants (REAP 2.0) and Infill Infrastructure Grants programs: 

“We urge the Governor to reconsider these funding cuts, which would severely impact cities’ and counties’ ability to address the housing crisis, which is currently one of the state’s biggest challenges. Through the REAP 2.0 programs, SCAG has awarded more than $192 million this past year alone across the six-county region to projects designed to accelerate housing production in a thoughtful, strategic and sustainable manner. Continued funding will be needed for us to continue meeting our housing needs and long-term climate goals. 

“Innovative projects supported through the REAP 2.0 program support as many as 10,000 new housing units on surplus LA Metro transit lands, more than 1,150 affordable housing units in the Coachella Valley, a low-to-zero-interest loan program to expedited accessory dwelling units in Orange County, infrastructure improvements to support nearly 5,000 newly-zoned housing units in Rialto, and a long-term loan program to promote hundreds of infill homes in Ventura County – among others. 

“These projects play a critical role in increasing housing supply and providing more affordable housing options for generations to come. Reducing or eliminating future funding will have a devastating impact on cities and counties across Southern California and the entire state.”