Regional Economic Strategy and Data


Regional Economic Strategy and Data LogoThe Southern California Association of Governments’ (SCAG) economic efforts include the following areas:

The Economic Strategy

The Southern California Economic Recovery & Job Creation Strategy concentrates on expanding the region’s economic base to increase the flow of funds driving the area’s economy. It is based upon the region’s job creation needs given its unique competitive advantages and demographics. Several sectors emerge as crucial: international trade and logistics, film and related sectors, high tech and traditional manufacturing, construction, health care, and leisure industries. The aim is to create conditions encouraging job creation in these sectors in the immediate, short, and longer terms as well as preserving the businesses in the region. Ultimately, the approach is to allow each city, county and sub-regional entity the flexibility to deal with those aspects of the strategy with which they are comfortable, while providing mechanisms allowing jurisdictions to cooperate for the good of Southern California. Fundamental to the strategy is the belief that stronger economic growth will help every community.

Economic & Demographic Data

SCAG regularly compiles and updates a number of economic and demographic data resources on topics such as population, household, and employment figures and projections; economic indices (Consumer Price Index, Consumer Expenditure Survey, Cost of Living Index); firm size; exports and imports; women and minority owned businesses; financial transactions; housing activity, valuation, sales, and ownership; and agricultural production.


Economic Strategy

Jobs and Southern California’s economic recovery are the impetus for local leaders to come together with business and labor leaders in the development of the below draft Southern California Economic Recovery & Job Creation Strategy. The Strategy addresses the issues that must be solved for our region’s economy to create jobs and energize economic activity today, in the next five years, and over the long term. The approach aims to maximize local control and regional coordination.


Monthly Reports

SCAG’s Monthly Economic Reports are available for review and download in this section. Each report shows the SCAG region’s economic performance over the past 12 months for a number of important indicators.


CA Film and Television Tax Credit Program

As part of the Regional Council-adopted Southern California Economic Recovery and Job Creation Strategy, one of the objectives was to preserve current key economic industries and encourage their continued economic viability. To further this objective, SCAG commissioned the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation to prepare a study to analyze the economic impact of the State’s current Film and Television Tax Credit Program and assess the economic and fiscal impact of lost big-budget productions, not eligible under the current program.