Year in Review 2022


The Year in Review: 2021-2022 highlights SCAG’s extensive work to identify and address the needs of the region and promote sustainability, prosperity and quality of life improvements for all Southern Californians. One of the president’s goals from the onset was to find ways for our leadership to work collaboratively to set the strategic direction for the agency.

In June last year, the agency’s leadership convened for a strategic planning session to develop goals and identify priority areas, as well as engage a consultant to help work through the development of an update to the agency’s Strategic Plan. In addition, development began on Connect SoCal 2024 and the agency launched the Regional Data Platform, an innovative tool to help our jurisdictions plan for our region’s future. This Year in Review video looks back on the accomplishments from this year.

The full report of SCAG’s many successes and new developments for 2021-2022 under the leadership of President Clint Lorimore can be found at