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Collaboration and Policy Leadership: Stay updated on SCAG’s efforts to build consensus on policies that cross jurisdictions, collaborating with local governments, transit agencies and stakeholders to align land use and transportation planning, streamline development regulations and work toward the region’s economic and environmental goals.

Federal Funding Administration: Stay in the loop regarding project selection, programming and administration of federal formula and discretionary funds, including updates of the Federal Transportation Improvement Program, which SCAG completes every two years to advance infrastructure goals aligned with Connect SoCal 2024’s goals and regional performance measures.

Data Collection, Analysis and Research: Learn more about SCAG’s research initiatives in land use and transportation to gain a deeper understanding of the region and contribute to policy advancement. SCAG’s data collection, analysis and research findings can inform strategic, effective planning decisions.

Local Technical Assistance Resources: Stay connected to the resources and tools provided by SCAG to support local action toward regional solutions, such as Go Human safety demonstrations, the Sustainable Communities Program and various Regional Early Action Planning programs.

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Select the types of Connect SoCal 2024 implementation updates you would like to receive: