Transportation Conformity Working Group


The Transportation Conformity Working (TCWG) is a forum to support interagency coordination to maintain transportation conformity and help improve air quality in Southern California.

The group meets on a monthly basis to facilitate an inclusive transportation/air quality planning process and to fulfill the interagency consultation requirements of the Federal Transportation Conformity Rule. The group helps resolve regional issues pertaining to transportation conformity and coordinates with and supports the Statewide Transportation Conformity Working Group.

Membership of the SCAG’s TCWG includes federal (US EPA, FHWA, FTA), state (ARB, Caltrans), regional (Air Quality Management Districts, SCAG), and sub-regional (County Transportation Commissions) agencies and other stakeholders.​

Federal & State Compliance

Learn more about Transportation Conformity Federal & Regional Compliance.

Staff Contact

Rongsheng Luo
(213) 236-1994

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