Tools & Data


There are a variety of transportation safety-related tools and data, some of which are highlighted and linked to below.


Office of Traffic Safety (OTS)

Each year California’s OTS publishes crash rankings for all counties and cities. The OTS Rankings were developed so that individual cities could compare their city’s traffic safety statistics to those of other cities with similar-sized populations. Cities could use these comparisons to see what areas they may have problems in and which they were doing well in. The results helped both cities and OTS identify emerging or on-going traffic safety problem areas in order to help plan how to combat the problems and help with the possibility of facilitating grants. It should be noted that OTS rankings are only indicators of potential problems; there are many factors that may either understate or overstate a city/county ranking that must be evaluated based on local circumstances.


Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS)

SWITRS is a database that collects and processes data gathered from a collision scene. The SWITRS application is a tool that leverages this database to allow California Highway Patrol (CHP) staff, members of its Allied Agencies, as well as researchers and members of the public to request various types of statistical reports in an electronic format. The application allows for the creation of custom reports requested by the user based on different categories including, but not limited to locations, dates, and collision types. SWITRS publishes annual reports on transportation safety in California.