Current Projects 

Southern California Electric Vehicle Charging Station Study 

SCAG is partnering with 18 cities within the SCAG region to help jurisdictions promote development and deployment of EV charging infrastructure to accelerate transportation electrification. 

The study includes tailored policy guidance to study partner cities; a regionwide Site Suitability Analysis to target areas for future EV charging infrastructure, with a focus on increasing EV infrastructure in traditionally underserved and hard-to-reach communities including multi-unit dwellings (MUDs) and Disadvantaged Communities (DACs); EV site evaluations; and a Passenger Electric Vehicle (PEV) Infrastructure Plan that will provide a roadmap for cities to spur development of charging stations and support EV adoption across Southern California. 

Additionally, SCAG will host 22 listening sessions, a virtual meeting room, and 15 community events to engage with city stakeholders, industry experts, and local communities to raise project awareness, encourage EV adoption, and gather community stakeholder input. 


AB1236 requires cities and counties in California to formally establish a streamlined permitting process for electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) construction by September 30, 2017. As the sales of electric vehicles (EV) increase, the State views the implementation and adoption of EV infrastructure as not only a local issue but a statewide goal.
Check to see if your city is permit streamlined. 

Innovations In Clean Transit Webinar Series

Innovations in Clean Transit is a SCAG Clean Cities webinar series that showcases how Southern California transit agencies are going zero emission. With technologies and strategies like electric buses & charging infrastructure, hydrogen fueling stations, workforce reskilling, and public-private partnerships, clean transportation is a destination that has many possible routes.


Southern California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Readiness Initiative

Regional PEV Readiness

This initiative will develop a regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Readiness Plan, with complementary model sub regional plans that advance strategies for the accelerated and streamlined deployment of PEV electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Additionally, the program will establish best practices for EV-ready building and public works guidelines, and help to streamline PEV EVSE permitting, installation, and inspection processes. This plan would become part of a larger push to establish support for the growth in PEV usage throughout California while promoting economic development within the green technology sector.

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