The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund


Cap-and-Trade Flyer

On June 20th, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the FY 2014-15 California State Budget which includes an expenditure plan for cap-and-trade revenues. The expenditure plan has allocated $832 million towards programs that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with set-asides for projects benefiting disadvantaged communities.

SCAG, as part of its board-adopted 2013 and 2014 legislative priorities, has partnered with transportation, local government, business and environmental stakeholders from around the state to work closely with the legislature to ensure that equitable allocations of cap-and-trade revenues flow to transportation programs and policies reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These critical funding programs are expected to help local jurisdictions and SCAG’s partners implement the 2012-2035 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy.

The following information will provide partners and stakeholders with the most up-to-date information and resources available on funding opportunities.


Expenditure Plan

In FY 2014-15, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund provides funding for 11 programs organized into three investment categories.

Cap and Trade Expenditure Plan (Dollars in Millions)

Investment Category




Sustainable Communities & Clean Transportation

High-Speed Rail percent

Authority High-Speed
Rail Project


State Transit Assistance

Low Carbon Transit
Operations Program


Caltrans Transit & Intercity Rail

Capital Program


Strategic Growth Council

Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Program


Air Resources Board

Low Carbon Transportation


Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy*

Department of Community
Services & Development

Energy Efficiency


Energy Commission

Energy Efficiency for
Public Buildings


Department of Food & Agriculture

Agricultural Energy &
Operational Efficiency


Natural Resources & Waste Diversion

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wetlands and Watershed Restoration


Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Fire Prevention &
Urban Forestry Projects


Cal Recycle

Waste Diversion