Curb Space Management Study

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SCAG has launched a Curb Space Management Study to take a comprehensive and multimodal review of some of the most congested and complicated curb space locations within the region. A clear need exists to assess policies, strategies, and infrastructure investments and their impacts on curb space activity, especially with the recent COVID-19 impacts, all being critical to the region and its localities. Benefits from this are looking to improve mobility, reduced congestion and vehicle miles traveled/vehicle hours traveled, and air quality improvements such as greenhouse gas emissions.


As part of the study, SCAG and Forward Progress/IBI Group are conducting a survey to seek input from partner agencies across the region on their status of curb space conditions and needs. The survey is a comprehensive curbside management self-assessment tool that uses a Capability Maturity Model approach to benchmark a jurisdiction’s status as well as map a path forward to a proactive, progressive, and sustainable curbside management program. This survey tool will capture the capability level of the jurisdiction for the following elements: people, policy, equity, process, and technology. The results of the survey tool will be summarized and discussed in two upcoming Regional Planning Working Group meetings as part of the study, as well as become the foundation for a future ongoing SCAG working group on curb space management. The Regional Planning Working Groups will provide a forum for collaboration on curb space management challenges and opportunities, encouraging peer-to-peer interaction within the region and with national curb space management experts.

Take the Survey

SCAG requests that you fill out the survey form as soon as possible, no later than Friday, Oct. 29. Responses from different teams or departments within the same agency are encouraged.


Curb Space Management Fact Sheet


Scott Strelecki