Equity Working Group (EWG)


As part of the Regional Planning Working Groups (RPWG), the Equity Working Group (EWG) started in June 2021 as a combination of the former Environmental Justice and Public Health Working Groups. The purpose of the EWG is to engage stakeholders on SCAG’s regional and local planning activities as well as share efforts across the region to eliminate racial bias and barriers in land-use and transportation planning. National best practices will also be highlighted. Discussions focus on equity-related plans, programs, projects, tools, resources, and best practices. Because equity is intersectional, the EWG addresses multiple planning areas, including Environmental Justice (EJ), Public Health, and others.

EWG meetings are typically held quarterly. To be notified about resources and upcoming meetings, subscribe to updates for the Equity Working Group.

Agendas and presentations for all RPWGs can be found on the RPWG webpage. A summary of topics covered by the EWG since June 2021 are available here: Equity Working Group History.

For more information, please contact Anita Au at environmentaljustice@scag.ca.gov.