Expenditure Plan


In FY 2014-15, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund provides funding for 11 programs organized into three investment categories.

Cap and Trade Expenditure Plan (Dollars in Millions)

Investment Category




Sustainable Communities & Clean Transportation

High-Speed Rail percent

Authority High-Speed
Rail Project


State Transit Assistance

Low Carbon Transit
Operations Program


Caltrans Transit & Intercity Rail

Capital Program


Strategic Growth Council

Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Program


Air Resources Board

Low Carbon Transportation


Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy*

Department of Community
Services & Development

Energy Efficiency


Energy Commission

Energy Efficiency for
Public Buildings


Department of Food & Agriculture

Agricultural Energy &
Operational Efficiency


Natural Resources & Waste Diversion

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wetlands and Watershed Restoration


Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Fire Prevention &
Urban Forestry Projects


Cal Recycle

Waste Diversion