Town of Paradise, CA with the ATRC


Go Human partnered with the Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) from Caltrans to expand the Go Human Kit of Parts and make it accessible to partners across the state of California. ATRC hired California Walks to implement the Kit of Parts Pilot Program. California Walks worked with the Butte County Public Health Department to develop and facilitate temporary safety demonstrations of a separated bike path and a creative crosswalk in the Town of Paradise.

The project created opportunities for residents to experience the proposed safety improvements in live traffic settings and provide feedback to support the potential implementation of improvements. 

The Town of Paradise has been in the process of community rebuilding since the 2018 Camp Fire, which destroyed thousands of structures and killed over 80 people. In their rebuilding efforts, the Town of Paradise is prioritizing walking and biking safety in their community while assuring residents that essential emergency vehicles can easily travel throughout the community. The Butte County Public Health Injury Prevention program is helping to support this work.