Surface Transportation Block Grant & Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Programs


The Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) program is a federal funding source that may be used for projects to preserve and improve the conditions and performance of highways, bridges, and public roads pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure; and transit capital projects. The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program is a federal funding source for transportation projects and programs to reduce congestion and improve air quality for areas that do not meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone, carbon monoxide or particulate matter (nonattainment areas) and for former nonattainment areas that are now in compliance (maintenance areas). 

SCAG selects projects within the region for STBG/CMAQ funding by soliciting project nominations consistent with the approved STBG/CMAQ Program Guidelines

Eligible applicants for STBG/CMAQ funding include SCAG cities, counties, transit agencies, federally recognized Tribal governments and county transportation commissions. Each county transportation commission is responsible for the coordination and submission of project nominations to SCAG from eligible entities in their respective counties. Local project sponsors should contact their county transportation commission regarding the project nomination process. 


Questions regarding STBG and CMAQ funding should be directed to:
Heidi Busslinger
Principal Planner, Federal Transportation Improvement Program


On June 6, 2024, the SCAG Regional Council approved 2023-2026 STBG/CMAQ funding recommendations for $186.9 million across 33 projects within the SCAG region. Projects approved by SCAG for STBG/CMAQ funding must be programmed in the Federal Transportation Improvement Program.

In addition to the full list of 33 projects, the SCAG Regional Council also approved a contingency list of projects estimated at $101 million.

Imperial County 

  • City of Brawley. Western Avenue Improvement Project ($599,000) 
  • City of El Centro. Right of Way Utility Relocations Project, Phase IV ($520,000) 
  • City of Imperial. P Street Rehabilitation Project, Phase I ($519,000) 
  • City of Imperial. Aten Boulevard Sidewalk Installation Project, Phase III ($144,000) 
  • City of Imperial. Aten Boulevard Sidewalk Installation Project, Phase I ($132,000) 
  • City of Imperial. Aten Boulevard Sidewalk Installation Project, Phase II ($112,000) 

Los Angeles County 

  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. SR-91 Atlantic to Cherry Improvements Project ($24,333,000) 
  • Los Angeles County. South Whittier Community Bikeway Access Improvement Project ($17,060,021) 
  • San Gabriel Valley Council of Government. La Verne A Line Transit Oriented Development Pedestrian Bridge Project ($16,000,000) 
  • Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). Exposition II West Bikeways Project ($13,279,500) 
  • City of Culver City. Jefferson Enhanced Transit Service Project ($9,530,321) 
  • City of Glendale. City of Glendale Electrification of Beeline Bus Fleet and Maintenance ($7,680,000) 
  • City of Long Beach. Studebaker Corridor Complete Streets Project ($5,000,000) 
  • LADOT. Mid-City Low Stress Bicycle Enhancement Corridors ($1,810,419) 

Orange County 

  • City of Huntington Beach. Banning Avenue Roundabout & Southeast Corridor Complete Streets Improvements ($5,000,000) 
  • City of Irvine. Venta Spur Trail & Jeffrey Road Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge ($5,000,000) 
  • City of Fullerton. Harbor Boulevard Complete Streets Planning Study ($4,854,000) 
  • City of Mission Viejo. Mission Viejo Quad Cities Trail ($4,787,200) 
  • City of Irvine. Harvard Avenue Complete Streets and Safety Improvements ($4,312,000) 
  • City of Laguna Niguel. South Forbes Road Oso Creek Trail Active Transportation Enhancements ($3,415,000) 
  • City of Tustin. Main Street Enhancement Project ($3,172,000) 
  • City of Orange. Riverdale Avenue Complete Streets Improvements ($2,573,000) 
  • City of Buena Park. Orangethorpe Avenue Complete Streets Planning Study ($308,000) 

Riverside County 

  • Riverside County Transportation Commission. I-15 Express Lanes Project Southern Extension ($18,700,000) 
  • Coachella Valley Association of Governments. Addressing Climate Change, Emergencies, and Sandstorms ($7,589,150) 
  • SunLine Transit Agency. SunLine Hydrogen Fueling Station - Division III ($2,680,200) 

San Bernardino County 

  • San Bernardino County Transportation Authority. I-10 Corridor Freight and Managed Lane Project ($23,000,000) 

Ventura County 

  • Ventura County Transportation Commission. Santa Paula Branch Line Trail Master Plan Update and EIR-EIS ($1,600,000) 
  • City of Camarillo. Pleasant Valley Road Bike Lanes Class II ($1,500,000) 
  • City of Thousand Oaks. Lynn Road Class IV Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Improvements ($1,350,000) 
  • Gold Coast Transit District. Ventura Road Demonstration Route ($1,300,000) 
  • Ventura County Transportation Commission. Ventura County Community Traffic Calming and Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program ($300,000) 
  • Ventura County Transportation Commission. Countywide Community Outreach for Public Transit ($171,000)