Technical Assistance & Resources


HCD Housing Planning Hub 

HCD launches the Housing Planning Hub Site, a repository of statewide and regional toolkits, factsheets and guidance on a variety of housing policy areas with a specific focus on priority policy areas. The hub includes interactive maps, model ordinances resources, toolkits, checklists and online trainings. HCD will continually update the resource center as new tools become available. 

HCD Releases Update Guidance To Affirmatively Further Fair Housing 

On April 27 HCD released an updated AFFH Guidance Memo along with a new interactive AFFH Data Viewer, which includes a mapping tool and resources to help local jurisdictions implement the new requirements. HCD will continue to add to this guidance and tools in collaboration with local partners, advocates and researchers. AFFH requirements apply for housing elements due to HCD beginning January 2021. These requirements include an assessment of fair housing practices, an analysis of the relationship between available sites and areas of high or low resources, and concrete actions in the form of programs to affirmatively further fair housing.   

HCD Releases Infill Infrastructure Grant Program Guidelines and Notice of Funding Availability 

HCD has just released the Infill Infrastructure Grant Program (IIG) Guidelines and the Notice of Funding Availability for approximately $160 million. The primary goal of the IIG Program is to promote infill housing development by providing financial assistance for capital improvement projects that are an integral part of, or necessary to facilitate the development of, a qualifying infill project or a qualifying infill area. Under the program, grants are available as gap funding for infrastructure improvements necessary for specific residential or mixed-use infill development projects or areas.  

Senate Bill 35 Streamlining Upheld 

Senate Bill 35 (SB 35, 2017) streamlined permitting provisions were upheld in a recent appellate court ruling, Reugg & Ellsworth v. City of Berkeley, No. A159218, April 20, 2021. SB 35 was enacted to require the availability of ministerial permit processing of housing development proposals in cities and counties with inadequate progress in meeting their RHNA allocation. Qualifying developments must be located on infill sites, comply with residential and mixed-use zoning, and include at least 10 percent of the units for lower-income households. HCD Issued Updated Streamlined Ministerial Approval Guidelines (SB 35) on March 30.